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Mark Smyka Wins the RC Madness Annual Super Cross Race on Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0’s

The weekend was our annual Super Cross race at my home track (RC Madness) and this is pretty much always my last race of the year since I start to get my carpet on road cars ready for the IIC race in Las Vegas.


My car was good but I was just over driving the first round to give me TQ but it was not a time I knew would stick.

For the second round I had a ton of mistakes and went from TQ down to fourth. With that happening I looked at my car, made some changes to give me more traction and make it easier to drive. The first thing I did was to go from Blockade Tires to HoleShot Tires then went from a BullDog body to the Type-R. These were the changes I needed to make my car a lot better. Right off the start I made a inside pass on third and second then TQ made a mistake over the double and I jumped over him to take the lead and stay in that spot for the rest of the race taking down the win and ending my nitro season on a great note!

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me this year and I hope to continue with them for year to come:

Pro-Line Racing
Hot Bodies USA
REDS Racing
Advantage Racing
O’Donnell Racing Fuel

Mark Smyka