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Devin Chesney at Northeast Showdown on Pro-Line LockDowns

Track: LCRC Raceway (Local Track)
Event: Northeast Showdown
Race Setup: 3 rounds of qualifiers, and single A-Mains


Classes Raced:
1:8 E-Buggy
1:8 E-Truggy


Well at the start of the event we found out that there was 20 heats with between 180 and 190 total entries!!!!! So with the time I had, I started getting my Tires washed, batteries charged and cars checked over. Heading out for the first round with my Buggy I went out and had a good run, until two laps in my right rear tire came unglued but I held on and stayed on the 9 lap run pace that the front of the field was running. In Truggy I went out with a comfortable run putting me mid pack in the A.


For the second round in Buggy I went out, with fresh Tires! I was on fire this round with running a TQ run for most of the run and then right at the end I flipped and fell to third! After this run I knew that I had the speed to run upfront. In Truggy I was on a TQ run and while going down the “steps’ section of the track my front driveshaft came out of the outdrive which put me out of the TQ run and made me place last in the heat.

Lastly, the third round, in Buggy I changed tires due to the temperature and track conditions, and this was a mistake. So I had to run it like that and just fight it, but I managed to hang on and I was going to start 4th in the A. In Truggy I went out and the second or third lap in I landed a jump hard and my truggy’s front driveshaft came out of the outdrive again! This kept me in 9th in the A.

The Mains
Before the Mains I went over my cars and got them prepped while I noticed I was missing a screw in my Truggy front hub assembly (reason why my driveshaft was coming out…)

The Buggy Main came up first, I started in 4th. As we were going around I waited on the people in front of me to mess up, as that happened when 2nd and 3rd got together an put me in second. Right away I wanted to pull away from everyone so I put on a hard charge early and during this I caught 1st right away and I setup in my head a pass on the front straight away because my line through the section coming onto it was faster than his front down siding the last jump on the gas instead of flat landing and that I did as we came down the front stretch side by side but I couldn’t get by due to the turns he was hugging the inside pipe. As the race went on I fell to third and ran in 3rd for 7-mins of the race as I passed to loop with 5-seconds to go and my battery dumped on me from me pushing so hard in the beginning as I dumped in 3rd but finished 4th 🙁


In Truggy I was so excited to run because I knew my driveshaft was not going to come out again and I knew I was fast enough to take the win if I got through traffic. BUT, a minute into the race my front diff locked up and did not finish … this was a heartbreaking weekend for Truggy with me but it happens and I am glad I had a good day with buggy to make up for it.


EB48.2 with Pro-Line X3 LockDowns and a 5000 Mah venom battery
ET48 with Pro-Line M3 Blockades and a venom battery for the quals

Thank You, to Tekno RC, Pro-Line, Carpys, Venom and Atomik for the help once again!!!

Devin Chesney