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Dylan Hunter Podiums at RC Havok Anniversary and Crandon RC Series on Pro-Line Tires!

On Saturday I raced my MIP & Pro-Line equipped Slash 4×4 at the 2nd Annual RC Havok Anniversary race.

The 2 heats I had gremlins to work out with the camber and gearing but in the Main the Pro-Line Tazer and Sniper Tires gave me the edge I needed to pull off the hole shot and lead the whole race down to the last minute when Second Place came up quick and we  got into a racing accident. I ended up chasing first place down but came up short, but it was a clean race thank you MIP for the race duty CVDs and to Pro-Line for the Tires.


Sunday was the final points race for the Crandon RC Series and I was tied for first in 17.5.

They cancelled the last points race and called who won in points. I was tied for the lead, so it came down to the number of wins and TQ’s where we had another tie, so then it came down to the fastest lap which was my 31-second lap and their 33-second lap.


Thanks to Pro-Line parts and MIP parts to get me the 31-second lap to claim a points win in 17.5 today.


Parts used on my 2WD 17.5 Truck are:

Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit
Pro-Line Tazer Tires
Pro-Line Sniper Tires
Pro-Line PRO-2 Hexs front and rear
Pro-Line Flo-Tek Ford Raptor SVT Body
PRO-2 Front Hubs
PRO-2 Bulkhead and Bumper

MIP parts used are :
MIP CVDs Losi XXXSC length
MIP Super Ball Diff

– Dylan Hunter