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Devin Chesney Races Against Cancer on Pro-Line Tires

Race: 13th annual Race Against Cancer
Date: 9/12-9/14
Track: McCullough’s
Location: Sarver, PA


Before I start this long race report, let me say that I think this year we raised around $20,000 and that mad a total of around $110,000 total over the years that has gone to the Cancer Society. This race is one of my favorite races to go to on the East Coast and as of last year it was first year and I knew it wouldn’t be the last! I will be there every year from now on!!!!!


1:8 Pro E-Buggy
1:8 Pro E-Truggy
1:10 4WD Short Course
1:10 2WD Short Course

Race Setup:
3 rounds of qualifying (rocket round)
Single 10-Min Mains

Overall Positions:
1:8 Pro E-Buggy: I finished just missing the A-Main in 13th position out of 4 full mains of them so 13th out of 40 to 50 of them
1:8 Pro E-Truggy: I finished 9th overall out of about 40 to 50 of them
1:10 4WD Short Course: 2nd overall out of around 30 to 40
1:10 2WD Short Course: 2nd out of about 20

Tires Used:
1:8 E-Buggy- Pro-Line M3 Holeshot 2.0’s
1:8 E-Truggy- Pro-Line M3 Holeshot 2.0’s
1:10 4WD SC- Pro-Line M3 Stunner’s
1:10 2WD SC- Pro-Line M3 Stunner’s

I had an amazing weekend driving my cars! They were all dialed in and I ended up finishing pretty well in all 4 classes.

Both of my SCT’s were super good this weekend as I took 2nd place with both of them.

Also, in my E-Truggy B-Main I had probably the best race of my life with Mark Unrath for about 5 laps of non-stop mistake-free battling for the last bump spot to the A-Main.

Thanks To:
A huge thanks to the whole Tekno RC team that was at the 13th annual R.A.C. for all the help and teamwork! also big thanks to Regional Manager Mark Unrath and new team member Joe Bornhorst for all the setup help on both my EB and ET!

Thanks to the whole sales team at Pro-Line for all the support as well by getting me some fresh tires for this race! They Worked Awesome !

All of my sponsors, all of the people who help me do this hobby, I really appreciate all the help that’s given!

Devin Chesney