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William Shay Races for A Cure at the 2014 Race Against Cancer

2014 RAC is in the books and what a weekend it was! We managed to have over 250 entry’s and raise $23,000 dollars this year to donate to the American Cancer Society which made a really difficult weekend all worthwhile!


The weekend started out by sending my lipo in my nitro car up in flames melting all my servo wires along with my transponder.

I decided to bail out of the nitro class for the weekend and race 4WD Mod Buggy since the turn out was so strong for this year’s race!

It may not have been the best decision after not finishing a single qualifier due to a receiver failure in round one, a ball cup popping off in round 2, and a servo going out in round 3. I would have to leave it all to Sunday’s Mains to try to bump my way to the Main to at least get some redemption for the train wreck of a weekend I had with the car.


I started 13th in the B-Main of 4wd mod buggy and managed to push my way into the final bump spot with my car feeling completely hooked up with the help of my Pro-Line M4 IONs up front and Pro-Line M4 Suburbs in the rear, with one minute to go in the Main, my bad luck continued into Sunday morning with another DNF due to the rear drive shaft pin dropping out of the car.

Electric Pro Truggy I can’t say went much better with all kinds of random problems haunting me, through the qualifiers I managed to finish one qualifier all weekend putting me 13th overall in qualifying.

Sunday I got a little love from the serpent 811TE by winning the B-main and bumping me up to run with the big boys in the show!

Starting out 11th on the grid of very talented drivers I was able to put a fresh set of Pro-Line M3 Blockades on the Truggy leading me to a 8th place finish overall for the weekend!

Electric Pro Buggy was on rails all weekend running Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots.

Unfortunately, a few costly bobbles threw out the qualifiers and left me starting out 2nd on the grid in the B-main. I would also like to point out how extremely close qualifying was in this class this weekend, from 4th overall to about 25th overall was only separated by 7 seconds!


At the start of my Main I got spun into the tube in the second turn putting me in the back of the pack. A short couple laps later working my way back threw the field I found my self put back into the same exact tube in turn two. I managed to work my way back up to 5th place finishing 15th overall in a very stout class of Pro Buggy drivers and around 50 entry’s total for the weekend alone in that class.

My SRX2 MM was very consistent all weekend in the 2WD Mod Buggy class, I ran Pro-Line M4 IONs up front and Pro-Line M4 Suburbs in the back that helped me qualify 6th overall for the weekend!

In the A-Main of Mod Buggy, I was able to push my way towards the leaders running in third place up until about the half way mark. Unfortunately, I ran out of talent and ended up making some mistakes towards the end of the race, but still managed to hold on to a pretty solid 8th place finish over all for the weekend!

I would like to thank all my sponsors:
Serpent America, Desota Racing, Pro-Line Racing, SMC, B-fast RC Performance, Upgrade RC, Fast Guy RC Products and Austintown Hobby!

-William Shay