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HobbyTown SRS Raceway Says Thank You


The Grand Opening Party at HobbyTown SRS Raceway was an overwhelming success.

We had a huge race turnout each day (150, 169, 149) and Saturday was epic with a car show in the parking lot.  The car show had 650 cars filling our parking lot to near capacity!  All the RC racers thought they were in a circus or something as the flood of spectators from the car show filled the standing area around the RC Track.  The Kart track had a 2.5 hour backup to ride.

The prizes were great and I think we had enough prizes from Pro-Line, Horizon, GP, and Racer’s Edge that everyone got something. Everyone got stickers too. Of course, the hit was the signed retro Kinwald Worlds car from the 90’s.

Pro-Line had some really thankful racers. Thanks so much Pro-Line for all the support! 

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