Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews Where are all those SCB’s???


A little more than two years ago, Short Course Buggies made their apparition on the market. They were presented as an alternative to the short course trucks and for me, this was great news because I was (and I still) sick of all those Short Course Trucks. The Losi XXX-SCB and the Team Associated SC10B were, at this moment, the two only options. The SCB class was promising, I had big hopes that the SCB class could become as popular as the SCT class…. Okay, I have to be realist… Half popular would have been considered a huge success for me.

I’m not sure what really happened but the class never took off. The only time I’ve seen SCB’s at a major event was at the 2013 Pro-Line Cactus Classic. They also made few appearances here and there but not as much as I would have expected. Why? Some guys say this is because Losi and Associated have never offered their SCBs as a kit. Well I’m not sure about this explanation because Traxxas has never offered the Slash as a kit and look where the Slash and the SCT class are today. The kit argument is invalid for me. The only reasons why SCBs have never really took off is because they are quite similar to 2WD Trucks and because the Short Course Trucks are easy to drive for new comers. The closed wheels make them stronger and more forgiving when they hit something. In others words, Short Course Trucks make any new comer look like a better driver than he would have been with a traditional open wheel car. A Short Course Buggy is so fun to drive compared to a Short Course Truck (that body rolls like my grand-pa’s old 1975 Chevy Impala).

The bad news is that Losi has discontinued the XXX-SCB. The good news is that Pro-Line Racing has recently released the PRO-2 Short Course Buggy. So, a few years later, we still have only two options, Team Associated or Pro-Line. I really hope the Short Course Buggy class will survive and grow in popularity in the next months. I wish more manufacturers get into the SCB segment. Of course, manufacturers will not get into the SCB segment if no one race or bash Short Course Buggy. So get out of your sofa, move your butt, sell your SC Truck and get a Short Course Buggy 🙂