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Robert Martin makes quite an impression at RC3 Club Race

We raced today at RC3 and I wanted to share some thoughts about the day.

First of all my son Wesley came in 1st in the novice class and I can see him moving up to sportsman very soon.  This was only the 3rd time he had raced on the new track layout and it was a very good day for him.

Wesley 1st place

Robert Martin mentored him today and gave him some very solid advice which Wesley was able to absorb and implement in his racing today and the results speak for themselves.  I was very happy to see Wesley on the podium and Robert standing above him as his picture was taken.

There was another instance that needs noting.  A fairly new guy to our club crashed his truck and broke some parts to which he did not have spares.  Robert did, and instantly offered them to the new guy so he could continue his day of racing.

Pro-Line has a very good representative in Robert Martin and you should be proud to have him on your team.  I just thought you would want to know.

– David Burt