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Race Report: Pit Stop Hobbies with Shaun Duffy

Friday night was points night in the summer racing series at Pit Stop Hobbies.

This is an outdoor 10th scale off road course made with high clay content. During the day the track dries pretty fast and gets dusty but once the sun goes down the track changes and it transforms into a high traction course.

We had a good steady rain before racing started which made for some terrific track conditions all through the day.

After missing both rounds of qualifiers I had to start in last place in the mains.

I normally run Holeshot M4s during the qualifiers and have recently decided to try using the Suburbs M4 in the mains.

My first race up was the B-Main for 2wd mod SCT in my PRO-2. At the sound of the tone the Suburbs M4s hooked up and shot me from last to the front of the pack. The traction was unlike anything I’ve experienced at this track before and the steering was like the truck was on rails. In the end I finished in first place and earned the first of two bump ups to the A-Main.


The next race for me was the A-Main for 2wd 17.5t SCT. Once again equipped with Suburb M4s I was able to rocket from the back of the pack to the front. After an exciting back and forth race with another guy, I finished in second place. This was honestly one of the most fun races I’ve been involved with.


My final race for the night was the A-Main for 2wd mod SCT. Like déjà vu the Suburb M4s allowed me to rocket from the next to last place up to 2nd place. After a hard fought race I would end up in 3rd which is the highest I’ve placed in 2wd mod SCT at this track so I’ll take that as a major victory.


I am curious to see how the new Stunner M4 tires would hook up on this track in the qualifiers. More to come…

I’d like to thank my sponsors Pro-Line Racing and Xpert RC! I couldn’t do this without you.