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Josh Havens takes TQ and Win on Pro-Line STUNNER Tires!

This weekend I ran the Cheyenne RC Showdown in Cheyenne, WY. I ran 4wd Short Course, 1:8 E-Buggy and Nitro Truggy.

We showed up Friday at midnight to the track and they were doing a trophy dash race. They had a few mains left to do so they let me throw my E-Truggy in for the Main starting in the back and with no laps to practice.

By the time we hit the straightaway I had gone from 9th to 4th when another Truggy got sideways knocking me off the track. By the time I got marshaled I was back into last place but I managed to shake off and for the next 8-minutes ran a near flawless race taking the win and lapping a majority of the field. I ran M3 Blockades and the Trifecta wing.

The next day was qualifying. Weather was a factor the whole weekend but all my equipment was working perfect. I TQ’d and won PRO4 running M4 Stunners and Pro-Line Tundra body. The Stunners worked flawlessly, they gave my Tekno SCT410 more traction and steering than any other Short Course Truck on the track.

In 1:8 E-Buggy I qualified 5th overall due to a few mistakes in the triple A-Mains. I had a 2nd and 3rd place finish with a drop which was only good enough for a 4th place finish overall. I ran the X4 Diamond Backs and Trifecta wing and the Phantom body on my EB48.2.

In Nitro Truggy I qualified 2nd overall in the Main. I was running 2nd and 18-minutes in I blew a spur gear taking me out of the race. I was running X3 Blockades with the Trifecta wing.

I also had loaned some equipment out to 2 of the guys that traveled with me. One of them ran a set of my X4 Fugitives he was loving them all day and after three 7-minute qualifiers and three 8-minute Mains (on a very abrasive outdoor track) they showed almost no signs of wear. I also loaned my Tekno ET48 with a set of M3 Blockades and Trifecta wing out to Don Drozd for the weekend. He pulled off a second place finish overall and would have taken 1st had the battery not died in the first Main.

Josh Havens