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Race Report: Devin Chesney at PitStop Hobbies Extravaganza Race

Race: Extravaganza Race
Track: PitStop Hobbies
Date: 8/29/14
Race Setup: 2 rounds of 5-min quals and 8-min A-Main’s

2wd SCT

2wd sct: 1st in the A-main
4X4 sct: DNF 🙁

2wd: This was my first race with the MIP Ball Diff in and let me say that this upgrade is a must have and made the biggest difference than any other upgrade for any car! After the first round I was placed in second only .7 of a second behind. I came back and made a slight slipper adjustment and threw on some clean tires. As I went over my truck I went out for the A-main with the same setup and tires I ran in 1st from start to finish and the truck was dialed! I loved it so much that I threw in a donut at the end 🙂

011 012

4X4: I went out for the first round and had an awesome run that put me in second place and I was so happy because my truck was running at awesome tempatures! When I prepared for the second round I went to turn on my truck and one of my screws and tophats in my front hub assembly fell out 🙁 Then more bad stuff happens as I went to go for the mains. In seconds my battery connection failed and I didn’t get to race 🙁 but I know if I would have raced I would have done well and I was confident so no biggie.

Overall both of my SCT’s were on fire and were so fun to drive! I want to thank Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Venom Batteries, and Carpys for all the help!!!!!!!!!