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Short Course Runaway!!!

Great racing at Will Farm Campgroud RC Off-Road in Marion Center, PA at the 4wd Short Course Cash Dash race.

1st and 2nd pulled away from the Field. Pro-Line Blockade M4‘s did there job. Kept my traction on a slick track to follow the leader to a cool 2nd place. Viper R/C Solutions Driven MIP Pro4 crossed the line 3 seconds behind the leader for 2nd place. We were almost 14 seconds ahead of the other 8 rides.

Here is a quote from the 3rd place driver: “You two just wouldn’t mess up or break loose”

It was probably the best 8-minutes of racing in an A-main that I’ve seen all year.

Even on the slick track you could pick any line you wanted with the Pro-Line Blockade M4’s!!!

Used:  Pro-Line Blockade’s, Pro-Line EVO Body, Pro-Line Secure-Loc Body Mounts.