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Mackanick, Mazzara and Chesney show in force at LCRC Cash Race

Pro-Line drivers Mackanick, Mazzara and Chesney show in force at LCRC Cash Race

In the 1:8 Electric Buggy class, Pro-Line Team Drivers, Ethan Mackanick, Anthony Mazzara and Devin Chesney were among the top five A-Main feature podium finishers on August 9th at the LCRC racing facility in Oakland Mills, PA.

Three rounds of qualifying would set the stage for the feature events. Mazzara would qualify in the number two slot on the grid, Mackanick in the four and Chesney in the five. At the sound of the tone, eleven year old Ethan Mackanick would start his attack on the field with Chesney in tow on the first lap and immediately move his car up to the number three slot where for the next few minutes of the race he would battle it out with Dwayne Karlovsky (4th place finisher) as they swapped positions from one corner to the next. Ethan would manage to keep his car in a solid race line while battling off the attack from Karlovsky. During this battle, TQ and eventually winner, Jason Schreffler would check out from the field. Mid-way through the race Ethan would stretch out his position over 3rd place until about the two minute mark to go where Anthony Mazzara would begin to mount his come back of a 5 second deficit to within 2.3 seconds going into the final lap. Three quarters of the way into the final lap, both Mackanick and Mazzara would put their cars wheels up off of the dragons back section of the track and had to be marshalled while pushing there limits on the final lap. Both were able to be marshalled at about the same time and Mackanick would hold off the charge of Mazzara for the 2nd place position on the podium with a narrow margin of 2.7 seconds. Chesney would finish in the fifth place position.

Mackanick ran Hole Shot X3 tires for the main feature and two out of three qualifiers for the day.

The X3 tires after roughly 22 minutes of racing showed almost no sign of wear throughout the day.


Pro-Line drivers would also represent in the 1:8th Nitro classes for both Buggy and Truggy.

Cody Mackanick also running Hole Shots in an X3 compound would finish the 25 minute A-Main feature event in the number five position with his tires also showing very little wear.

Anthony Mazzara would finish in the 6th place position in the Nitro Buggy A-Main feature after having a flameout while running in the top three. Mazzara was also the the Top Qualifier in the Truggy division where bad luck would send his truck over the wall of the massive Daytona turn. This would set Anthony down a lap but he put his head down and would drive his truck back to the number two position on the podium for the class.

Thanks to Pro-Line for support of our NorthEast drivers.

– Jason Mackanick