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Chandler Elliott with a Wicked Victory on Pro-Line Blockades and LockDowns

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Chandler had a good weekend at The Wicked Weekend in Gainesville, Georgia. It was a great track built at a very nice venue. It was put on by Dave and Ollie, the same guys that put on the Psycho Nitro Blast.

Chandler ran Nitro Buggy and Truggy. We got there late Friday so he didn’t get but a couple of tanks of practice. We prepared our cars that night to get ready for four rounds of qualifying on Saturday.


The track started smooth with a little dust so we decided to start out with M4 Hole Shots on both vehicles (Buggy/Truggy). As the day went on, the traction and groove came around, so we transitioned to M3 Hole Shots (Buggy/Truggy). He was one of only three drivers to turn 10 laps during qualifying. With 406 entries, I felt that that was an accomplishment. He qualified 2nd in Truggy and 4th in Buggy for the A-Mains on Sunday.

As the groove came around during the Mains, we decided to glue up X compound Blockades for the Buggy and M3 Blockades for the Truggy. But after talking with some fellow teammates that ran in some earlier mains, we decided that we wouldn’t go with an X compound, but with the new M3 LockDowns for Buggy. We had no experience with LockDowns, but the track had developed some bumps in some of the corners. I felt like with the tread pattern on the LockDowns would allow the car to get through the bumps without upsetting the car. They did just that.


Overall, it was a great weekend for Chandler and we wanted to share our success. Chandler won Pro Truggy and finished 3rd in Pro Buggy.

Thanks for everything!

Daron Elliott (Chandler’s Wrench)