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Dillon Caldwell has had a great year racing with Pro-Line Tires

First we’d like to thank you and the Pro-Line Team for the great support this summer!

Dillon has been club racing this summer and has been finishing consistently in the top 3 in Pro Buggy.

Dillon Pitting Futaba 2014

We have had good success in recommending the Pro-Line Tires as Dillon has been trying the new Tires that have come out over the summer.

At St. Louis Dirtburners we can always rely on the X3 Blockade and use the X3 Hole Shot when the fluff isn’t so present. We also like the BIG BLOX when the traction comes up and the track is rutted, the BIG BLOX seem to roll over the ruts keeping the car from feeling edgy. The LockDown tires work well also, a lot like the Blockade and the Diamond Backs are similar too but seem to let the car rotate a little more which can be nice.

I’m excited about the Truck X3 compounds as I’d like to use the Hole Shot more and this should give us more longevity while allowing us to run the small pin tire.

Dillon Futaba 2014 2

Dillon ran the Futaba/OS Speed Nitro Challenge.  Qualified 9th and came in 5th in Pro Truggy and qualified 39th and came in 33rd in Pro Buggy.  The truck ran great, Dillon liked the M3 Hole Shots, they really hooked up and allowed him to push it hard on a very flowing Joey “The Dirt” track layout.  He was racing with Ryan Lutz, Josh Wheeler and the like and made a respectable showing for a 12 year old with 4 years of racing under his belt. This summer being his second summer of nitro racing!

Dillon Futaba 2014 1

Dillon didn’t fair so well in Buggy, the Buggy didn’t complete a qualifier, as dog bones kept popping out in the front. A visit to the Kyosho tent got him some help with this and he completed both the A-Mains and after qualifying 39th he finished 33rd. Again a great showing while racing against the pros that showed up for this race, we all had a great time. In Buggy Dillon liked the Blockades X3 and depended on these most of the race and one run with the Hole Shots X3. He mentioned that the Hole Shots almost had too much traction and my response was “that means you can push it harder!” lol.

Dillon and boys Futaba 2014

Thanks to Pro-Line Tires and the whole Pro-Line Team, we are having a great time in this hobby and Dillon is learning a lot while becoming a pretty good little driver!