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Devin Chesney at 2014 Mugen Challenge on Pro-Line Hole Shots and LockDowns


Race: 2014 Mugen Challenge
Location: K&B III The Outback
Date: 8/15 -8/17
1/8th Electric Truggy
1/8th Electric Buggy (2nd ever race)

IMG_0080 IMG_0061

Final positions:
1:8 Electric Truggy– 3rd overall out of 3 full heats of them.
1:8 Electric Buggy– 11th overall out of almost 60 total! I just missed the bump to the A-Main.

1:8 Electric Truggy- ET48, Pro-Line Hole Shot (M3 Compound) on Pro-Line Velocity VTR 4.0″ Wheels, Venom 5000MAH 4s battery for quals.
1:8 Electric Buggy- EB48.2, Pro-Line Lockdowns (X4 Compound) on Pro-Line Velocity V2 Wheels, Venom 5000MAH 4s battery for quals and 10-min Main.

I had an awesome time with some of the Tekno team learning some new things everyone I see them along with giving some advise as well.

Also, there were several people there from Pro-Line that I met and they were very nice and talkative about what tires they liked and when 🙂

I believe I was the only Venom representative there that I knew of and I shared some advice with people who were interested.

Also I had the an insane opportunity to meet, race with and drove on his build track with the one and only owner of “TheDirt Racing“, you may know him by Joey C or the owner or race commander of “The Dirt Nitro Challenge”!!! He invited us out to come next year!!!:)

And as always a huge thanks to Carpys decals for providing stickers and awesome custom apparel for the races I go to so I can sport my sponsors in my colors and fonts!

Thanks to all my sponsors for helping out 100% along the way and giving excellent products! Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Venom/Atomik, Carpys, and Hy Traction Juice!!!

Devin Chesney