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Brady Cox at Medicine Hat Shootout on Pro-Line Tires

iphone pics aug 14 531

We got to the track Thursday to test tires and get used to the layout. We tried M3 Blockades and M3 Hole Shots. Brady really preferred the feel of the Hole Shots, so on Friday when we found out the track would be watered all weekend it worked out perfectly.

iphone pics aug 14 534

Saturday came and Qualifying started in 1:8 Pro Truck. We decided to stick with the M3 Hole Shots and they worked perfect! Brady took home the TQ.

In 1:8 Pro Buggy the competition was a bit tougher!! We ran M3 Hole Shots and they were hooked up, but we had a transponder issue in the first qualifier. We made a really good run in the fourth qualifier finishing 4th. Overall Brady qualified 8th.

iphone pics aug 14 538

On Sunday racing started with 1:8 Truck. We ran M3 Hole Shots Again.  Brady ran a great race! After a little bumping on the first couple laps he drove into first place and held it to the end. It was one of the closest races of the weekend!  2nd place was never far behind.

In 1:8 Buggy we chose M3 Hole Shots again. We had a set of M3 Blockades on the buggy for the race but just before we got started it began to rain, so we went with the Hole Shots thinking they would hold less mud. Brady got off to a rough start crashing on the first corner with a little help!! Brady ended up last after the first couple laps. He kept his head down and kept clicking off fast laps and at about 5-min to go it started to rain again. The track got really slick and he managed to hold his position finishing in 7th.

iphone pics aug 14 542 iphone pics aug 14 526

It was a great weekend and our HB D8T and D812 with Pro-Line Bodies, Tires and Wheels worked to perfection.

We would like to thank Ty and Gord Tessmann as well as Tanner Stees and his dad for all there help and encouragement.

– Brady Cox