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Big Squid RC Product Spotlight: Pro-Line FaultLine 1.9″ Bead-Loc Wheels


I’ve had my Pro-Line Faultline 1.9″ wheels on my main Axial SCX10 comp/trail truck for close to five months now and in that time have beaten the tar outta them.

The wheels (Part #2748-15, $23.99 a pair) are 3 piece; a thick plastic center with a front and rear metal bead. All those screws are functional…32 per wheel! Having a drill with a hex bit will REALLY make your life easier for installation. I had them together in less than 10-minutes thanks my trusty cordless Makita and a Dynamite wrench. The molded 12mm hex inlet fit very snug and had no slop whatsoever after tightening.

So yeah, these things have had the snot kicked out of them. Mud, snow, gravel, dirt, water, truck pulling, jumping, etc and outside of rock rash they are holding up great. Thanks to the aforementioned tight hex tolerance they are showing zero signs of spinning out, a common problem amongst plastic scaler wheels. The wheel holds the bead ultra tight so nothing has ever come loose on me.

They look really trick and replicate the style you’d see on a full size off-roader. The screws do a particularly good job of capturing a 1:1 bead lock look. And speaking of the screws, if you’re like me and do a lot of mud bogging you’ll probably see some rust popup on them. You can easily bring them back to new by taking the wheel apart and soaking the screws in some Blaster penetrating oil. The rust will come right off. The rings are also very easy to paint to match your truck. I recently shot mine white to match my old school ’79 Ford and they turned out great.

I’m a big fan of the FaultLines. The 1.9″ scaler market is saturated with an abundance of good looking & performing wheel options, but for my money the Pro-Line’s are hard to beat. Compared to full aluminum setups with price tags shooting up to over $100 a set, the $50 you’ll pay for these is much easier to swallow. They’re tough, affordable and look great.


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