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Brian Hartman takes his PRO-2 SC to Summit RC Raceway


Tough competition this weekend at Summit RC Raceway. I was the only 2WD SCT that showed up on a hot, dry Saturday afternoon. My two options were to run my 2WD in the 4WD Mod class or rent a Slash and run with the kids.

I chose to let the kids duke it out while I tried my best to keep up with the 4WD guys. I ran the Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT on Blockades all day and they handled well through qualifying and heats.

By the time the Main rolled around, the track was finally holding moisture so I switched to Suburbs. I had a tough time chasing down the front runners after qualifying 9th.

The PRO-2 handled well and the newly painted Flo-Tek body kept me consistent. I was able to finish the race in 8th place out of 11.