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Brian Hartman TQ at Summit RC Speedway on Blockades

I attended club races at Summit RC Speedway on 7/26 and 8/2.


On the 26th, the Pro-Line PRO-2 was hooked up right from the start of practice. TQ’d and never looked back.

The Main was smooth sailing as I was able to navigate through lap traffic smoothly. I ended up finishing 3 laps ahead of 2nd pace!

On 8/2, the track at Summit RC Raceway was holding moisture from the previous nights showers. This week I had some tire options to try out. I practiced and ran the first heat on Blockades out back with Hole Shots up front.

One mistake cost me the TQ in the first heat. For the second heat, I got caught up in lap traffic early on and couldn’t shake it. Tried a tire change for the 3rd heat and put on Suburbs out back. This proved to be the right tire for the track. I was on pace to reset the TQ by 12 seconds on the last lap. Unfortunately I got caught in a wreck on the last lap and missed TQ.

The Pro-Line PRO-2 was hooked up and fast.


I was looking forward to the Main but mother nature had different plans and rained us out for the remainder of the day.