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Race Report: Pit Stop Hobbies with Shaun Duffy

Friday night I ran at Pit Stop Hobby Shop in Mount Joy, PA. I ran in the 2WD SCT 17.5 Pro Spec class and the 2WD SCT Mod class.

Flo-Tek Pro2

After a few driver errors I started 3rd in the A-Main for 2wd SCT 17.5 Pro Spec class. After a close battle and with more than half of the racers finishing on the lead lap, I finished in 3rd place. I ran the M3 Hole Shots on front and rear and the truck turned on a dime and had traction for days. The new Flo-Tek Body my son painted up cut through the air like butter.

The 2WD SCT Mod class at this track is packed with some very talented drivers. After two hard fought rounds of qualifying, I ended up in the B-Main starting in the top position. I was running M4 Hole Shots on front and rear of my PRO-2 SC Truck and the truck felt like it was on rails. I finished 1st in the B-Main which bumped me up to the A-Main.

I lined up for the A-Main and realized pretty quick that the track dried up since the B-Main and I didn’t have the traction that I had earlier in the night. I would end up finishing 7th in the A-Main, but it was a great run where no one ran into any lapped traffic until around 4-Minutes into the race.

Without my Pro-Line Tires, PRO-2 SCT, and Bodies I would not have done nearly as well.

Thanks again Pro-Line!

Shaun Duffy