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HemiStorm: HPI Savage Octane XL Featuring Pro-Line


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Time for a visual update! Let’s start off with the wheels and tires of this rig, I’m installing some Pro-Line 3.8″ Trencher X and also give you a little info on what I have planned for the bodyshell ( Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 ) of the HPI Savage Octane XL.

I’m using some PROTOform body tools to get everything shaped and prepared for paint.

PROTOform Better Edge System: Sanding Drum #6103-00
PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit #6032-00


Simplicity is key in this paintjob, in which I explain you some basics like fading, flat clear coating and how a simple design can be effective.

The HPI Octane, being a new platform with so much new technology, is of course something we need to get used to. As there is no available online trouble shooting, the first buyers (like myself) will have to write the additional manual ourselves. Rather than being labelled “guinea pig” on such an early release, I would consider us who obtained the first vehicles “explorers”. This car has tremendous potential, once broken in it is everything I had hoped it to be an more: it’s LOUD, obnoxious, loves to crush stuff, has a true monstertruck style of driving, without it ever appearing off balance on higher speeds.

This car may not be for everyone, but if you have the knowledge, the patience, and are curious about the future of monster truck RC’s, this is the car for you. Expect a few not-so-raw videos in the weeks to come, testing, bashing and racing this car on several different surfaces, giving it the abuse it was meant to handle.

My aim is to give you honest, unbiased information, I’m not sponsored in any way. All I want is the hobby to progress.

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