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Jackson Jeffery at the 2014 Midwest Nitro Series RD3 on LockDown Tires


We’ll after a long and very terrible weekend of racing (probably the worst I ever had), at RD3 of the 2014 Midwest Nitro Series held at Thunder Road Hobbies.

It started with the insane track with constant changing in the tune, tires, and setup I finally decided on the Pro-Line LockDowns which are some amazing tires.

I got bumped up to run Pro and in the Friday night race I got a 7th in the A-Main pre-race then in the actual race I got a very unwanted 3rd place in the C-Main, everything was perfect except the driver.

Thank you for being behind me through the thick and thin. Pro-Line is an Amazing sponsor. My dad and I treated it as a test day after the 3rd qual. Hopefully will have some better results soon.


Jackson Jeffery