Friends of Pro-Line / Race Events

2014 Axial Fest with Stephanie

Our friend Stephanie from the Hobby Town in Corona, CA shared some awesome pictures with us from the 2014 Axial Fest this year.


Walking and crawling (multitasking lol) to get to the river trails!

Down by the river. There were a ton of perfect rocks and boulders to spend hours crawling. Luckily we had some pretty amazing Interco TSL SX Super Swamper Tires to help!

The start of the night crawl. This was hands down my favorite part of the whole event. It was WAY cool to see everyone out having fun. There were by far a lot of people but that just made it that much more fun. If you flipped over you had to get winched back over in order to keep crawling. Being the newbie that I am I had to take my time to get thru a most areas but I had the help of everyone around to make it thru!

Continuing the action shots throughout the night crawl.

A little action shot at the end of the trail.. 🙂

Corey ran the Terra Cross class. It was definitely a course made for bashers!

Who can crawl the closest to the edge without flipping?

The start of the Terra Cross.. compiled of only Exo Terra’s

Staying on four wheels was the trick! haha

Corey launching off the ramps.

This is my Axial AX10 Scorpion with Pro-Line Tires, Wheels, and Body!

This crawler was actually given to us by the guys over at Pro-Line. It was originally set up to show off all the cool roof racks, and other accessories offered. I took this crawler over years ago and it was just pretty much a shelf queen. It is still running strong with all the Pro-Line necessities! Thanks guys!

Getting ready to go out a crawl ALL DAY =)

Total crawler domination! Obviously I won!!

Thank you so much for all the support you guys showed us. It is very appreciated!