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Pro-Line Racing has just released a new high performance for 1:8 Buggy. The LockDown is available in M and X compounds. In the center, 8 pins are aligned to form a 4×2 pins square. On each sides of the square, there are rows of three pins. All rows of pins are distanced from each other’s for better traction. The LockDowns fit right between the Blockades and the Hole Shot 2.0. The LockDowns have X on the sides of the tread to eliminate the “catchy” feeling in the ruts and reduce the chances of flipping over.


As always, I’ve mounted my LockDowns M3 on white P-L Velocity Wheels. Blue closed cells inserts are included with the tires. It will be hard for me to not compare the new LockDowns with the Blockades because the Blockades are my number one tires for all my cars, they work the best for me, no matter the vehicle I put them on.

With a fully charged LiPo pack, I did few warming laps on our unprepared track just to get used with my new tires. To my surprise, the LockDowns were performing pretty much like my good old trusty Blockades. In the sections covered with more loose dirt on the top, the LockDowns felt quite aggressive. The small pins were able to find traction even in the loose dirt. In the more packed sections and racing lanes, the Lockdowns really shine. On a tight 90 degrees corner right at the end of a 110FT straight, I usually slowdown because I don’t want my buggy to catch in ruts and flip over. With the LockDowns, I was able to carry more corner speed in this particular section of the track. The side bite is excellent and the Xs on the sides really smooth out side traction. The next time I’ll race the LockDowns, I’ll slightly reduce all around camber to increase overall contact patch.


It would be easy to conclude by saying that the new Pro-Line LockDown tires fill the gap between the Holeshot and the Blockade tires. Sure they do but they also do more than just filling a gap. The LockDowns have excellent forward and side tractions, they are also very predictable when cornering and the small pins literally “bite” the dirt to increase traction. Now, I hope Pro-Line will start making the LockDowns for Short Course Trucks and 1:10 Buggies because they are excellent tires that work very well on my track and will also work very well for most tracks.

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