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Jake Lieder Gets Results with Suburbs!


First round of the Summer Series between Rocky Mountain R/C Raceway and MHOR R/C Raceway here in Colorado, took place at MHOR R/C Raceway in Aurora, Colorado.

20140706_221521 20140706_221359 rc series

From the start my PRO-LINE Suburbs 2.0 in Clay compound were hooked! Truck was fantastic.

Buggy was feeling good as well and was outfitted with Scrubs in clay compound on the front with Suburbs in clay compound on the rear and its attitude kept in check by a PRO-LINE Stabilizer Wing.

All night back and fourth Andre Pacelko and myself went back and fourth battling it out for the TQ position in Mod Short Course, but seems that my 13.5 was not fast enough and was edged out for the TQ position.

Had a quick night in Buggy due to servo failure but the buggy was on rails none the less thanks to my great PRO-LINE products.

When the main for short course came it was a race wire to wire. It was a back and fourth battle with Andre Narrowly edging me out at the line.

Lots of series left to get him.


Local club race at MHOR R/C Raceway.

13.5 Short Course- TQ and 1st in A-Main by 3-laps. My Pro-Line Suburbs 2.0 in Clay compound were money once again, allowing me to show my dominance at will.

Thank you PRO-LINE!

17.5 Buggy- I ran this class with a buggy I have never touched nor practiced with due to my buggy being down waiting for parts. Chadd Brockman with MHOR R/C lent me their B5m to use for the night. I came out swingin’ and quickly set the pace but later made some costly mistakes that pushed me to fourth. All through qualifying it stayed the same except laps and lap times.

Slowly I got in tune with the Buggy and began to push the pace landing a 22 lap 6:14 to qualify 4th for the A-Main. To say I was pleased is not enough, having never ran nor practiced with it to a 4th qualification in the A-Main is astonishing.

In the main I quickly worked my way through the 1st turn traffic jam and proceeded to move away from the pack. 4:14 in I made 3 costly mistakes back to back to back that allowed 2nd and 3rd to catch up and pass me but I slowly worked my way back to the tail end of 1st and 2nd only to run out of time.

Great weekend of racing for sure.

Thank you  PRO-LINE for the support looking forward to many more podiums!

-Jake Lieder