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Eric Gann Wins in SC Hobby Stock at Summertime Classic

Traveled to Oklahoma this past weekend for the Summertime Classic in Muskogee, Oklahoma at Battleground RC Speedway.


I ended up trying the new class that is up an coming in Oklahoma with Short Course Trucks called SC Hobby Stock. This class puts driver skill and setup to the test, with these bodies on an oval with no spoiler, they are extremely loose.

We did qualifying a new type of format where u have one minute to make your best and fastest lap possible.. I took the TQ spot out of the 8 car field. We had 2 heats to follow.

The first heat I went out there and layed down some fast laps. Only being my first weekend with this type of body on the truck it was loose off, but the Pro-Line M3 Tazers did their job.

The 2nd heat track got a ‘lil greasy with them just watering it and packing it down. I ended up tightening the car up by running Blockades on front an Tazers on rear. Blockades didn’t have as much grip but helped a lot of the loose feeling of the truck.

For the A-Main I took off and led every lap. I ended up putting Tazers all around truck and softened the suspension a lot, it made the truck amazing. This class is new and taking off not only in Oklahoma but it’s growing all over the U.S. on oval. My first weekend trying has me hooked ‘cuz I’m the type that loves it when it’s not all about motor and money, its about driver skill and setup.

eric 2

Like to thank Sponsors Pro-Line Racing, Xpert RC Racing Servo’s, C&M Bodies, Boca Bearings and Custom RC Wraps.