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Drew Moller Wins JBRL Double Down on Hole Shots

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This past weekend was the third round of the JBRL held at the Pro-Line Track. There was around 180 entries which made for a smooth day of racing. The track became more and more difficult as holes were developing throughout the whole track which made for some fun and close racing.

In Buggy qualifying I had a few mistakes but still managed to qualify 3rd behind Cody King and Adam Drake. In Truggy I was very pleased. My MBX-7T was strapped all day, which allowed me to take the overall TQ. The mains were 20-minutes long so pit strategy played a huge role in the race.

In the start of the Buggy final Cody, Adam, and myself battled very closely the first few laps. After a few bobbles by Cody and Adam, it allowed me to take the lead. Around the 8-minute mark I came in for my first pit stop. Adam and Cody were both going 10-minutes so I had to stay close. I eventually got back to the lead and held onto it to take the win using Pro-Line M3 Hole Shot 2.0.

In the Truggy main I would get a slight lead but made a mistake which allowed Adam to take the lead. After the first pit stop we battled closely but I was able to hold on and take the win using Pro-Line M3 Hole Shot VTR.

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I would like to thank all my sponsors for all of there support: A-Main Hobbies, Mugen Seiki, Pro-Line, Protek R/C, Novarossi, Flashpoint fuels, Ko Propo, LRP, Upgrade R/C, Schelle, Lunsford, and TKO.