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Randall Fraser finishes strong at 2014 Buggy Big-Uns Race

First day with the new Buggy attended the Wolcott Hobby trophy/cash race.


I had my brand new Keep Off that had just finished half a gallon of break in before the race. I got there with no race time on it.

The first qualifying, I had a flame-out as soon as I crossed the loop so my first lap was about 50-Seconds long compared to the average 33-Second qualifying time.

I dropped a nine lap run and that put me in the bottom of the A-Main. The third qual I ended up 6-Seconds faster than my second qual which pushed me farther up the grid in the A-Main.

My motor was fast and never overheated so, for the main I decided to lean it out, as I had been holding it back in the qualifying. When I did that, the motor had so much power it was unbelievable.

As the main started, my plan was to roll the inconsistent double double which was a smart choice as other racers decided to take it and crash. I then worked my way up to 4th, and then second. I was in second about 20-min into the 30-min main. Then my car started acting different I felt like I had no break and the car was not getting the full power it had before. Third place then caught up to me and I was able to hang out to third and not let anyone pass me as the car was still very hard to drive.


After the main I looked at my car and the hose to hold my filter down had broken, so the brake was caught up in it and was engaging without me being on the break so it was basically like me having drag brake.

I ran Pro-Line M3 Blockades the whole day, with the new Pro-Line Type-R body.

Thanks to all my sponsors. Hot Bodies/Novarossi/Pro-Line/Radiopost/Lucky 7,

Randall Fraser