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RC Masters Electric with Cole and Shane Ogden

The 2nd annual RC Masters Electric race held at Henry County RC Raceway took place and brought in a total of just over 100 racers. Being an all electric event this was a great turnout.

We both ran 1/8th scale pro E-Buggy, and Shane ran 2wd and 4wd 1/10th scale.

During the first qualifier of E-Buggy, my father and I both chose to go out on M3 HoleShots. The track surface was super hard, blue groove, with a light dust on the outside of the line. Temperatures reached a high of about 95 through the hottest part of the day. This gave the track LOADS of traction, knowing tire wear was a big consideration.

In the 2nd and 3rd quals we both chose to glue up some MX Blockades that my dad had sitting around.

I managed to TQ round 3 of qualifying which seeded me 2nd overall due to qual points and my dad was 5th.

In the 10-minute main event, we both ran the same MX Blockades that we used in the 2nd and 3rd quals. Tire wear was minimal for us both and traction stayed the same from the beginning and end of the race.

I came away with the Win and my Dad took home 3rd.

Pro-Line tires getting it done once again!!

RC Masters Electric
RC Masters Electric