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Pro-Line 6060-00 Power Stroke Scaler Shock length upgrade for Axial SCX10 Chassis Applications.



With the ever increasing amount of oversize Scaler tires, the task of lifting the truck while retaining the scale look becomes ever more increasingly challenging.  In this article, I’m going to show you how to take our 6060-00 Power Stroke Scale Shocks from their (90-95)mm advertised lengths to over 100mm in length options by using some common off the shelf items we have here at Pro-Line.

From the Pro-Line parts bin, you’ll need a set of our 6060-00 Power Stroke Scaler Shocks if you do not already have some. Next, you will need a set of our 6063-07 HD Power Stroke Rear Shaft Kits and the 6063-02 Rebuild kit from our Short Course Power Stroke Shock section. Now if you have a significant amount of O-rings or a way to make bump stops, then you can bypass purchasing the 6063-02 Rebuild kits but we will get to that a bit later.


I decided to take a measurement before starting the modifications as a base point. Here you can see that I have about 8.5mm from the Top of the axle nut to the bottom edge of the fender. This will be a good gauge to re-check when we complete the modifications.


Starting the modification process, you first you want to disassemble the 6060-00 Shocks. We will re-use everything except for the stock shock shaft, E- Clips and shorter Silver Spring.


In assembly, install the washer on the piston side of the shock shaft followed by the piston head and the piston head retainer nut.


Note: Do not over tighten the piston head retainer nut as it will cause it to warp and stick in the boar. I like to tighten the shaft nut to the point that it can still be rotated on the shaft with some slight drag.

Next, Install the new shaft and piston head assembly into the shock bore, refill with oil bleed and install the shock cap. At this point, you want to check full compression of the shock shaft and if a bump stop is required. In this application you will need to use the bump stops from the 6063-02 rebuild kits or fabricate some of your own from rubber tubing. The scale photo below shows the area of the shaft from the threaded portion to the bottom of the shock body.


Remember to take the thickness of your spring retainer cap into consideration when fabricating your bump stop lengths.


Finish up the assembly of the shocks by re-attaching the rode ends to the shafts. Next add the original primary spring, spring collar, optional longer silver secondary spring included with the shocks, and spring retainer caps. You have completed the modifications and can now see the length gain as well as the more scale / realistic appearance.

Next, install the modified shocks on your truck and re-check your clearance.  As you can see, we went from 8.5mm to around 9.2mm using the new shafts. Better yet, you can gain another 5mm by adding the included / optional longer length rod ends for a total 14.2mm of lift over the stock length


In conclusion, this modification will give you a longer / more scale looking 6060-00 Power Stroke Scaler shock with more adjustability. It’s now stronger and more reliable with the addition of the retainer nut style shock shafts. The newer shafts are made from precision ground Nitride coated material for longer wear and shaft seal life. Best of all, the stiffer spring rate will let you haul more scale accessories!

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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