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Devin Chesney Wins E-Truggy at Full House Trophy Race on Pro-Line Blockades

Where: Trains and Lanes
Race: Full House Trophy Race
When: Saturday, June 21st
Race Setup: 2 rounds and double A-Mains, 8-min SCT mains, 10-min Electric
Classes: E-Truggy, 4×4 SCT


Box setup minus 3mm of droop in the rear
Pro-Line Blockades M3


My truck had no struggle at all over any of the features or rough sections of the track . I went out for round 1 and set TQ by almost a lap ahead of the whole field!

For the second round I did the same and reset TQ and put on the faster laps on the track as I was testing different lines.

In the A-Main I started on point but fell back as I messed up right on the first rhythm section but I came back a few laps later to win it over all!

4×4 SCT:
Blair’s setup outdoors
Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0
Venom 8000 mah 20c


First round I was on a good run but as I landed a double my truck shut off ….. So I pulled it off before the next round and checked as my battery connector got so hot it melted off ….

Second round I went out and ran an awesome race while taking over TQ,  3/4 of the race through I wrecked on the rhythm section and fell back to fifth overall. That’s how close the top 5 were together.

In the A-Main I started fifth and instantly took second only 1-second back as I made a mistake and fell to 4th. While running fourth my car landed a jump and shut off…. But I still had steering and I fell 2 laps down and it started up again but it happened again as soon as went to go again. So I sat it out and didn’t finish. I think I need a new esc because it got shaken too hard.

Overall: I got to run with a few teammates from Tekno RC named Geoff Arnold, Brandon Coblents, Jay Hood.
As well as running with some Venom drivers, Brandon Coblents, and Alan.

IMAG0277 IMAG0274 IMAG0273 IMAG0267

Thank you Tekno, Pro-Line, Venom/Atomik