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Race Report: TNS RD1 at Coyote Hobbies with Chris Wesson


Round 1 of TNS took place at Coyote Hobbies in Victorville, CA. Round 1 qualifying didn’t go as planned in Mod Buggy. Made a bad tire choice that resulted in a 7th place spot on the grid. Round 2 went better but with the track condition degrading the pace was off by almost a lap. Ended up starting 6th for the main.

After a mid pack crash I found myself in 9th after lap one. As the race went on I put my head down and started clicking off fast lap after fast lap. After 6-minutes I found myself only 4-seconds behind the leader in second.

Tires I ran in the main event were MC Scrubs on the front and MC Suburbs on the rear with blue closed cell inserts.

Thanks to Pro-Line Racing and LRP America for all the support.


– Chris Wesson