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Race Report: Lee Martin doubles at 2014 Euros warm-up


The Nordic 1/10th electric off-road Championships and EFRA 2014 Euros warm-up race took place last weekend in Trelleborg, Sweden. The event took place on a purpose-built clay track housed in an ice hockey stadium. The US-style layout and slippery surface called for rear motor buggies in the 2WD class and a smooth throttle finger. In said 2WD class Yokomo/Pro-Line Racing Team Driver Lee Martin took the win from Robert Batlle while Oskar Levin (Team C) completed the podium in 3rd which also handed him the Nordic Champs title.


2WD class final result
1. Lee Martin
2. Robert Battle
3. Oskar Levin
4. Peter Pinisch
5. Salmela Karri
6. Haatanen Joona
7. David Ronnefalk
8. Christoffer Svensson
9. Niclas Månsson
10.Oliver Scholz

In the 4WD class it was again the Lee and Robert who battled for the top spot. At the end it was Lee who took the winning honours from Robert while Kyosho’s David Ronnefalk clinched the last remaining podium spot. The 3rd place also handed David the Nordic Champ title. Read RedRC.net Article…

Lee Martin Used The Following Pro-Line Products:

Pro-Line Tyre Bands #6086-00
Pro-Line Pro-Bond Tyre Glue #6031-00
Pro-Line 2-Stage Inserts  #6184-00