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Race Report: Randall Fraser wins Round 1 of the North East Super Series


June 1st I attended the North East Super Series RD1 at Wolcott Hobby and Raceway in Wolcott, CT.  I got there with my engine clutch bell bearings not changed yet and my fuel tank still needed to be put in.  After that I tried to get a little practice and my servo saver broke off and was moving with my servo horn. I fixed that, then my rear outer hinge pin popped out even with the screws in, and the arm was not broken.

First qualifying I had a good run and qualified 3rd. Second qualifying I didn’t have a good run but still managed to qualify 4th. Throughout the day I was dremeling my tires due to a glue job. So I had to dremel off all the glue that stuck to the rims and none stuck to the tire.

In the A-Main on the straight away I passed 3rd for the inside line to the next jump. Throughout the race I was battling with second place. I put my throttle finger on cruise control and was slowly catching first place. First place then flamed out and I pushed it from there on out and finished in first with one lap ahead of the field.

I ran Pro-Line Revolvers in M3.

Thanks to all my sponsors Hot Bodies/Radiopost/Novarossi/Pro-Line Racing/McGlothin Racing/Lucky7.


– Randall Fraser