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Tanner Goes To The 2014 Dual

On May 31 and June 1 I attended the 2014 Dual held at the Pro-Line Test Track on Saturday and Thunder Alley Raceway on Sunday.


I raced the invitational buggy and truggy classes running my Hot Bodies D812 and D8T both equipped with Pro-Line tires, wheels, and bodies.  The race has a somewhat unique format, with 3 races each day in each class for a combined total of 6 races a day.  Then you take your best 2 out of 3 and at the end you add up the total points for both classes and whoever had the lowest points was the winner.

The first day was at the Pro-Line track, throughout the entire day I ran either HoleShots or Blockades in either M3 or X3 compound for Buggy and M3 HoleShot VTR  or M3 Blockade VTR for Truck depending on how the surface was.

No matter what, both my D812 and D8T were hooked up!

I also ran the Pro-Line BullDog body on my D8T to give me the steering and down force needed on the track, in the buggy I ran the Type-R body not only because it looks cool because it performs great as well. 

Despite some bad luck with engine problems at the end of the day I was sitting 6th overall.

The second day was at Thunder Alley were the surface is much loamier and not as high bite. I started the day out on M3 Blockades and eventually at the end of the day went to M3 Holeshots because the track had a groove to it. No matter what class or when I was racing, my tires were awesome and never once did I wish I needed more traction, not to mention steering either due to the bodies and tires all working great.

After all the racing had finished I was in the 7 position which I was pretty happy about even with some engine problems.

I would to say thank you to Pro-Line for helping me achieve my 7 place finish at the 2014 The Dual.

Tanner Stees