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Race Report: Ben Sterling Takes TQ and Win at 2014 Queens Cup with Big Blox


The Queens Cup is an annual trophy race held at the MORRCC track in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. The race attracted most top Victorian drivers and SA drivers which was great to see.


In the morning the track was quite wet so I opted to not go out in it and risk bogging my car down. I used the first heat to get the feel for the muddy track and also tune my Alpha Engine so this would be the drop round for me. Initially qualifying was supposed to be 3 heats with the best two overall placings in the rounds to count with points however due to the late start they opted to make it rocket round so the fastest one run would count.


My second qualifier was a fairly clean run, I got out to an early lead and just had to keep the rubber to the dirt. With two laps to go I snagged a rut and flipped onto my roof. This cost me approx. six seconds and a twelve lap run, however I still managed to TQ the round and lock in the overall TQ. This would confirm me a spot in the A-main.

At A-main time and I got off to a shaky start, as the track had changed so much since the last time I got to drive on it, I had to adjust. After a lap or two I found my groove and kept gapping the field. I was getting approx. nine minutes run time out of my Alpha engine on a fairly rich setting but I opted to play it safe and pit every seven and a half. I had a fairly consistent run and ended up in first place at the end of the 45-minute main.

My Kyosho MP9 TKi3 powered by my Alpha Engine were faultless all day long. MKS servos worked a treat, Gforce engine heater and switch awesome and the Pro-Line Big Blox M3 were hooked up!! So much grip! and the Avid Bearings are still rolling. I can’t thank my sponsors enough for the help they give me.

I would also like to thank Savage Sam and his wife Julie for the speedy pitting and also to Ron Mayer for the technical help all day!

Ben Sterling

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