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Race Report: The Blais Racing Team takes 4 podiums at the Coyote Hobbies/ Pro-Line Mid-Summer Shootout!


Coyote Hobbies/ Pro-Line Mid-Summer Shootout
Victorville, CA | 6-7-2014

By Chris Blais:

This year would be the 4th Anniversary of the Coyote Hobbies/ Pro-Line Mid-Summer Shootout. This year we would be running a 2 day event with 3 qualifiers on Saturday and Triple A-Main format on Sunday. This year my brother would have to miss this event and leave myself, Martin Blais, and Kyle Carpenter to represent the Blais Racing/ Coyote Hobbies team.


First up would be PRO4 with just myself and Rudy Rico this year. We raced with the Sportsman 4×4 SC drivers against ourselves which was interesting with all the traffic. Myself and Rudy were within a few seconds or less every qualifier but he would edge me out each time. My truck was dialed at my home track with my Pro-Line ION tires, Venom batteries, Tekin Electronics, and Airtronics radio equipment. In the main events it would be the same scenario again with Rudy Rico just edging me out in the end. On the last lap of the 2nd A-Main I was able to make the pass on Rudy when he made a mistake but he was able to jump out of the section slightly cutting the corner giving him the lead back for the last few turns. I was a little bummed as it would have been down to the last A-Main if I would have won that one. Next Time!

In 4×4 buggy and 1:8 Scale buggy I would be uncontested the entire weekend winning all the qualifiers and every A-Main in both. My team Associated B44.2 was on rails all weekend with my new Pro-Line Transistor front tires and VTR Suburbs on the back.

Open 4wd Buggy A-Main at Coyote Hobbies 4th Annual Pro-Line Mid Summer Shootout in 2014

Expert 4×4 Buggy Podium: Chris Blais 1st, Nathan Chase 2nd, Kevin Kimberly 3rd

1/8th E-Buddy Podium: Chris Blais 1st, Austin Pannone 2nd, Kevin Kimberly 3rd

Thanks to all our sponsors that make it possible for us to compete on such a high level. Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom, Tekin, & Airtronics. You guys rock!

Martin Blais would finish up the weekend with a 7th Place in Sportsman Stock SC, 6th in Sportsman Stock Buggy B-main, and 4th in 1/8 Scale E-Buggy.

By Kyle Carpenter:

As we have a break in between rounds of the JBRL, The Coyote Hobbies Mid Summer shoot out would take place. As this being my home track, I knew I was going to have a good time at this two day event. As Friday approached many people started to roll in for practice. On Friday both my cars where working good and did not have to make many changes this being my home track.
As Saturday was upon us, I would be racing Pro/Expert short course and Pro/Expert mod buggy. My first round of qualifying would go very well, putting me TQ in Pro 2 and in mod buggy I would take a fourth place overall qualifying finish with a stacked field of drivers. Second round of qualifying would go very well, In short course I would take another TQ run putting me TQ for Sundays Triple A-mains. Buggy was going good until a very distracting driver in the same race would be yelling and distracting all racers and crowd watching the race. Third round of the Saturdays qualifiers would go decent with a TQ already in Pro-2. Buggy would go decent with a Fifth place finish overall putting me sixth qualifier in the Sundays Triple A mains.

Sunday came very fast after a long day of Saturdays qualifiers. As A1 was upon us Pro-2 was up first I would be off to a great start until I made a small bobble and the very talented Pro-Line Dayton Brown would pass me as I tried to push hard to catch back up, but could not make the time up. Mod buggy would start off rough for me with many difficult passes trying to be made trying to get to the front, as the race would go on I would drive a safe race to a second place finish. Pro-2 was up and had troubles on the first lap letting Dayton get by me again. I would push my car to the max but keep making many mistakes to another second place finish. Mod buggy would go horrible with not to much grip for my B5m and had many crashes putting up a eighth place finish. Third round of the mains came and I would take a first place finish in Pro-2 and taking a second place overall.  Mod buggy was off to a great start and staying in about fourth place for the majority of the race, I would push hard trying to catch the top three, but ran out of time and I took a fourth place finish and for a overall finish of fourth place.

PRO-2 Podium: Dayton Brown 1st, Kyle Carpenter 2nd, Kevin Kimberly 3rd

All in all I had a great time at the Coyote Hobbies Mid Summer Shoot Out and can’t wait for next year. Thanks again for the help that I get from my sponsors, Coyote Hobbies Raceway, DA Designs, Blais Racing Services and Venom.

Race Results!

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