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Race Report: LRH with Sean Miles

I want to start off by saying thank you for your support. Saturday was a rough race day for me at LRH, my home track. We had two heats of 4wd buggy and two heats 8th buggy. I raced my XB4 4wd 10th scale, and my XB9e 8th scale.

The first qualifier went okay, but the second qualifier was not good at all. But I did good enough to start third in the A-Main with my XB4 4wd. The start of main was okay until I was hit from the side going into a turn. I was hit so hard it looked like my car did a 360 degree turn twice and was hit again by another driver. My 4wd buggy landed on it’s lid. I was fighting bad to get back in to this 7 minute main. So from third to last and working my way back up thru traffic. I found my self battling for the third spot and BAAAMMMM!!!!!!! I get hit by a driver that lands on the wrong side of the track at full speed. 🙁 That impact was so hard my 4wd buggy was done.

For my 8th scale race it seemed like I was racing the same race with my 4wd buggy. I started third in the A-Main going right into a jump and was hit by another 1/8 in the air and my car lands on it’s lid. I had to just sit there and wait for the turn marshal to turn over my buggy. Can’t risk the safety of the turn marshal to turn my buggy over cause more buggy ‘s where coming at him in the air. So I waited and again I was in last place.

I focused this time and wasn’t worried about catching the leader.

I knew I had to be consistent while driving. Making every turn as perfect as I can.

Making every jump and landing as perfect as I can. I’m happy to say I finished 2nd!

I was very happy!

Sean Miles