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Mini Maxx Build with Andrew Natale


Check out this awesome Mini-MAXX build from Andrew Natale:

I started off this project at the end of February and did not anticipate it evolving into an undertaking of this size. This is the second version of the Mini Maxx and a lot has changed from the first prototype build. Almost all pieces from the original build have been re-designed and improved upon with most pieces being cut and shaped by hand with a band saw, files, and a razor knife, this has been a very time consuming process. The Mini Maxx is made out of Delrin plastic, Nylon Plastic, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber and is an ever evolving creation. The Chassis Braces and skids plates have all been hand made out of Aluminum sanded and polished to match the Aluminum Carriers and toe links that I purchased.

See the build thread at

IMG_20140523_164727 IMG_20140523_165319 IMG_20140523_165553 IMG_20140523_165708

I am always looking for ways to improve both the looks and performance of my builds and thanks to Pro-Line I was able to do just that. With the addition of the Big Joe II 2.2’s along with the Desperado wheels and Ford Raptor body not only does this 1:16 scale have the look of the Monster Truck, it’s performance is superb. I have used the Trencher tires on most of my other builds and I have become very fond of them, their performance and handling are top notch. But the new Big Joes for the 2.2’s are just amazing. They dramatically change the appearance of the truck with their shear size and the traction and overall handling characteristics are as good as the Trencher tires. The people at Pro-Line definitely know what they are doing when it comes to making great products! They do require a little bit of a break in period once installed as the first couple of runs they seemed a little stiffer then anticipated and the truck had a tendency to bounce around a bit, but once they were driven for a short while, their ability to absorb impacts and their handling performance was incredible. The Pro-Line Raptor body has been painted with Florescent orange paint and backed with black to tone the overall color down; on the hood and the bed area I have added Automotive Carbon fiber film, I am very happy with the outcome of this body and it’s a perfect fit for this build.

IMG_20140523_165825 IMG_20140523_165934 IMG_20140523_165911 IMG_20140523_165855

“Hopefully Pro-Line is working on the new Dodge Ram body for the mini

andrew andrew1

Thank you to the entire Pro-Line team for your support of this build.

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