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Race Report: Dirt Invert with Nick Sava

Dirt Invert Grid

Some of the team and I were at the Dirt Invert race this past weekend at Warehouse 3 in Peoria, AZ.

I ran Modified 2wd, 4wd and Short Course. I ended up qualifying 19th in 2wd, 9th in 4wd and 3rd in Short Course.

Mains didn’t go too well and I ended up 4th in SC and 7th in 4wd. I was running M4 IONs in SC and VTR Suburbs in 2wd with Protons on 4wd. I was also running the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC in Short Course.

Chris Wheeler won SC and Tanner Stees got second, also with a PRO-2.

Pro 2

Nick Sava