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Race Report: Dirtburners Point Series RD1 with Kevin Burritt


We had a great day of racing in St. Louis Missouri with a high in the 70’s. Along with a slight cloud cover, with hopes of keeping the moisture in the track. This was also the first race of Dirt Burners Point Series with a track rebuild the day before. The layout had a fun and challenging aspect to it with a number of the jumps requiring proper approach and timing to keep lap times low. The surface of the track was not the normal hard, abrasive, yet slick and dusty track that we are accustom to for Dirtburners. Tire selection for buggy was going to be an evolving event, as the surface would change from the beginning qualifier to the mains. In Truggy, Pro-Line M3 VTR Holeshots was the tire of choice. Even with half tread height and a track surface with light moisture content, the traction, stability and steering of my TLR 8ight-T 3.0 was very well balanced.

The consistent traction provided by the Pro-Line Holeshots enabled me to take TQ honors of the Truggy A-Main.

In the 10 minute Truggy A-main running Pro-line M3 Blockades the truck continued the consistent handling that I experienced with the HoleShots. The Blockade tire provides tremendous wear characteristics and traction that gives me the confidence I need to drive fast and consistent lap after lap. After a race battle with fellow Pro-line driver David Rush, I crossed the finish line first to take the win and lead the points series in Truggy. 

In nitro buggy selecting the correct tire was important. However I wanted to try different tires to see how they would respond in race conditions. With the looser than normal surface I tried X3 Bowties in the first qualifier. The forward traction of the tire was good but side bit was less than I needed. Second qualifier it looked like were going to get a light rain so I went with Pro-Line M3 HoleShots. Usually a good tire at Dirtburners when the track has a little more moisture. The track did not get as much rain as I was hoping for so it became very important to stay in the race line. In the third qualifier running M3 Big Blox this tire provided the best compromise between traction and steering and great wear. After qualifying was finished I found myself 7th in the Expert B-main. For the 15 minute B-main I stuck with the Big Blox since the track was starting to get a little more abrasive. After the first 2 laps I found myself in 10th place due to a crash. It was a long main and knew my Big Blox were up to the challenge of providing the traction and consistency I would need to fight back through the ranks. Settling in I drove a clean consistent line to finish in 4th place.

Today was a great day of racing on a fun and challenging layout. Using excellent products such as Pro-Line Racing tires, O.S. Engines, and TLR race vehicles really does make for a fun day.

Thank you for the great support you and Pro-Line provides to us drivers.
– Kevin Burritt