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Grass roots round 4 with Kiel Lewis

Alright well before I get into the results and all the good stuff let me just first say that running at the Pro-Line Track is always a great time!

Well I started off the day well with getting a 1st in the first buggy qualifier and a 2nd in the second buggy qualifier just missing the TQ by .2 seconds!


Truggy started off a little bit slower than buggy did with a 3rd in the first qualifier but it picked up as we moved through the day with me being able to take the TQ by 9 seconds!

The mains came around and I was able to take 2nd in the intermediate buggy 20 minute A-main with a slight complication on my second pit stop costing me some time but I ended up just about a second behind my team mate Jose Alvarado in the end.


The truggy mains came around and I was on the number one spot for the start had a great first 14 minutes and was battling for 1st just about the entire 14 minutes and then the second pit stop came. Someone decided to leave another truggy in pit lane and it turned me sideways. No one thought to help get my car back straight and then when someone did they reached underneath to put it back straight and they must have hit the flywheel so I got fueled and fired back up and went out but I flamed out within 2 turns. I got started back up and the same thing happened so I had to pull off, after the race we found that the glow plug had died which is unfortunate, but its part of racing. A fellow driver had issues earlier in the race and so I ended up 4th but with my TQ point I got the amount of points as I would have gotten for 3rd so I am still in the fight for sure.

Tires of choice for both Truggy and Buggy were M3 Blockades and they were working great all day with no problems!

Thank you to everyone who put on the great event and thank you to everyone at Pro-Line Racing for backing me up everywhere I go. Up next is JBRL Round 2!


I would also like to thank Byron fuels and TKO Bearings for their continued support as well.