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Race Report: One Lug Showdown with Brian Cooke


Pro-Line driver Brian Cooke reports some great results from the annual One Lug Showdown race

The track is very small and tight and changes conditions every couple of hours so traction was going to be a premium. I started out trying Pro-Line BigBlox in the popular X4 Compound and they were really good early on while the track was loamy. I quickly gravited to Pro-Line Blockades in the M4 compound as the track was just unpredictable.

This was a great move 🙂 I was able to qualify 3rd and ended up finishing 3rd on the blockades. They gave me great forward traction and just enough side bite to not be to sketchy.

The same tires I ran in the 2nd qualifier were the tires I ran in the 30 minute main. They held up great and could still go for some practice I’m sure.

In 4×4 mod buggy it was an obvious choice M4 Holeshots on the rear and M3 Scrubs up front. DIALED! I qualified 2nd and ended up 2nd at the end of the 10 minute A-main!

I wanted to also say that we have a up and coming young gun here by the name of Jeremy Reid ….he’s one of “those” kids you know video game reflexes 🙂 He won the sportsman buggy and sportsman E-buggy and the pro truggy class all running Pro-Line tires He ran Blockades on his E-buggy, Bigblox on his nitro buggy and Blockades on his truggy. This kid is one to watch!

20140503_223713 IMAG1495 

As always thank you to all the Pro-Line team who makes it possible for me to have these types of results! Until next time!

Later, Cookie 🙂