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Race Report: Minnesota Nitro Series with Seth VanDalen

Moto dome Seth with cars

The first round of the Minnesota Nitro Series was hosted at Motocity Raceway in Motley MN. With 168 total entries this 2 day event was primed to be a battle of the regions fastest racers. Many out of state racers came to conquer the elevation changes in the fast flowing layout that the Full Throttle Raceway crew is getting to be known for. We had racers from Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota. Saturdays qualifying ended with Seth TQing E-Buggy and settling for 2nd in Nitro Buggy and Truggy.

Moto Dome Pit Area

E-Buggy saw some 20 racers enter. Seth was TQ and would use that to win both of the Double A-mains with his Team Orion equipped Hot Bodies D812. Pro-Line X4 DiamondBacks were his tire of choice and a Pro-Line BullDog Body so he could take the win in both A1 and A2

MNRC 2014 track before MNRC 2014 track after

Nitro Buggy A-main consisted of the fastest 12 out of 37 that entered. At the start Seth was poised to run the 30 minute final with strategy he and his father Sean discussed earlier. The tone sounded and 12 nitro engines roared. The pack was off, up first were a pair of triples and the TQ of Kendall Welch decided to double the second forcing Seth to check up and as a result Seth crashed. The entire field went by and Seth now had his work cut out for sure. As the race settled in Seth worked himself up to 2nd, but still 14 seconds or 3/4 of a lap back with 16 minutes remaining. Seth dropped the hammer on his OS Speed powered Hot Bodies D812 and started his charge to the front carving through lapped traffic and flying over the jumps in full control thanks to his Pro-Line BullDog body and Upgrade wing. With Sean (pit Dad) planning the pit stops around lap traffic was made easy with the power and run time given by VP Powermaster Fuel. After another lightning fast pit stop from the father son team, would leave Seth with 4 seconds left to make up. With no mistakes from the half way mark of the race, Seth would take the lead when the leader Kendall crashed. Befitting from this rare mistake Seth stayed on form and pulled away to take the win by 6 seconds.

Nitro Truggy A-main was up and of some 30 total Trucks that entered, Seth’s D8T starting 2nd on the 12 truck grid.  Learning from the start of the Buggy race Seth doubled that second triple and remained behind TQ of Kendall Welch. Less than 5 minutes in the pair were only seconds apart and going through lappers. Seth would take full advantage of Kendall missing the uphill triple and sailed passed him using the power of his VP powered OS Speed. Seth used his Pro-Line M4 VTR HoleShots and Pro-Line BullDog Body to shred the track and would finish the race a full 1 1/2 laps up on the field.

This would cap off a stellar weekend as Seth would pull out the “Hat trick” and win all three classes he entered.

I would like to thank all of our sponsors. Hot Bodies HPI Racing, VP Powermaster, Team Orion, Pro-Line Racing and Ko Propo.

A special thanks to Ty and Gord Tessmann and the whole Hot Bodies/Pro-Line crew that helped put on the 110% racing clinic that Seth and I were lucky enough to get to attend. We learned a ton and put the knowledge we learned from everyone involved to good use and the confidence that Seth gained enabled him to never give up until the race is over.

Thank you all!