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Race Report: TNS RD8 with Jeremy Hase


We decided Friday afternoon that we wanted to race at IERC for the final Round of the Top Notch Series.  We did not run any of the previous races of the series.  I ran money stock buggy so I didn’t mess with anyone else’s points.  Money stock buggy has some of the best drivers in that class. My son Jeremy Jr. Decided he was going to run 2wd SC for his first race running mod.  I qualified 6th overall. Jeremy Jr. was TQ going into our mains.

Jeremy Jr got the holeshot and never looked back. He took the win in his first mod race.  His 22SCT was hooked up with M4 Suburbs on all four corners all day. My main didn’t go so well. At the start of the main I got taken out by a driver who went Bonsai on the first turn. I was in the back of the pack and pushed all the way back to 3rd where the same driver did the exact same thing in another corner. Came back from 7th back to 5th and that’s where I stayed for the remainder of the main. I was too far back after the second time getting taken out with that caliber of the drivers.  My 22 2.0 was on rails with M4 IONs on all four corners.

Thank you all for the continued support,

Jeremy Hase