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Race Report: Patrick Hofer on The Podium At Osterhasen Race in Landshut, Germany

Patrick Hofer on Podium at “Osterhasen Race in Landshut, Germany April 12-13, 2014”

One more time Pro-Line Driver Patrick Hofer showed his incredible podium performance over multiple categories. At the Osterhasen Nitro Race in Landshut Germany Patrick put his Associated RC8.2 into the half finals and took the lead for a long time. 5 minutes before finishing Patrick crashed and damaged the front tires but was able to keep the lead and passing the line on “foams”.

Patrick started in 4th position in the main finals. After a few rounds Patrick set his Pro-Line equipped RC8.2 on position 2 and started fighting with Carsten Keller for the lead. Positions between Patrick and Carsten where changing many times during the 30 minutes main final. By passing some other drivers Patrick lost some time and finished 2nd. Carsten Keller won the race.

Patrick used  Pro-Line equipment ( #3379-00 BullDog Clear Body, #9045-003 Bow-Tie 2.0 X3 (Soft) Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires ) on his Associated RC8.2, Reedy batteries and HRC “PRO HV” servos.

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