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Race Report: April Fools Classic with Jerrit Knight & Richard Lake

Pro-Line drivers Richard Lake and Jerrit Knight reporting from the 26th Annual April Fools Classic



“This past weekend I was asked to announce the 26th Annual April Fools Classic at IRCR in Utah. Not 100% certain but I believe this may be the longest running indoor race in the United States. This would be my second time attending this race. IRCR is known for high bite traction that will test your car set up as well as your mental focus. I hadn’t planned on racing because this race can easily draw 250 plus entries with ease. Upon talking with one of the locals I was encouraged to bring a vehicle just to take a break from the race program and to be able to experience the surface of the track. I opted to take my Team Associated B5M as this would be the right choice for a high bite indoor scenario. I opted to bring my Pro-Line MC Suburbs and MC Scrubs tires to run. From the moment I put my car on the track I was confident that I had made the right choice. My car was consistent and extremely easy to drive.”

“After qualifying, I was sitting 2nd in the A main of Open buggy. At the start of the race I made a quick move over the triple section and never looked back.  As a race director the last thing you want to worry about is equipment. Having the confidence in my tire choice thru the weekend made it easy to focus on the race.”

“I would like to Thank IRCR for asking me to be a part of such a longstanding race. Special Thanks to Rob Gillespie, Kyle Wrigley, and Jason Luthman for there hospitality.  And lastly a special Thanks to the IRCR crew for all there help throughout the weekend.”

-Richard Lake


april fools classic

“I raced at at the Pro-Line  April Fools Classic at IR/CR in Magna, Utah. They had 282 entries 36 heats and 32 open buggy and 32 open 4wd buggy.”

“I took 3rd in open buggy A-main with MC ION on the front and MC Suburbs the rear.”

“I also took  6th in the open truck A-main with MC ION on the front and MC Suburbs on the rear.”

“Finally I took 1st in open 4wd buggy B-main with MC ION on the front and MC Suburbs on the rear.”

Jerrit Knight