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Race Report: Kent Club with Elliot Boots

Elliott headed down to the Weald of Kent on Sunday to one of the oldest tracks that has been around for a while, run by the Kent Club. They were awarded a round of the BRCA National Championships this year so it was going to attract many drivers to their club meetings in preparation for the National later in July.  The track is quite small and compact, a nice layout and was quite dusty with all the dry weather we have been having.


Elliott was to start his practice on the Bow-Tie X4 Compound Pro-Line which we knew would work well on this track, being quite loose and dusty.  There was going to be 3 rounds of qualifying, 2 to count for the TQ spot.  In the first round we had the car working quite well but not as well as he would have liked and was able to claim 3rd spot but in the next 2 rounds, with a few changes to the car, was able to secure both TQ’s for rounds 2 and 3, and was the only driver to be able to get into the 10 laps as there were most of his National contenders racing at this track.


The final was to be over 20 minutes and would be a good race as the track was very tight and small.  Elliott made a good start and was able to get away but being the nature of the track it made very close racing and was swapping the lead with Lee Martin and Darren Bloomfield, but after the last fuel stop, Elliott was able to make the break and get a good lead from Lee Martin and then was able to settle down to come home in first place. Elliott was really pleased with his MP9, working very well with his Pro-Line tyres and his Reds R5 Team Edition Engine – it made for a great race meeting and look forward to the Nationals here in July.

-Chris and Elliot Boots