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Pro-Line Road Raging Ford F150 Raptor Street Conversion for 1:10 Traxxas Rally and Slash 4X4


Not everyone has the privilege of a empty dirt lot or that abundant park full of sandy / gravel hills at their immediate access. For many, it’s a suburbia of Asphalt and Concrete. Never Fear, Pro-Line has all the right stuff that can transform your 1:10 Traxxas Rally or Slash 4X4 into a Street Taming machine with the littlest of efforts! Behold, the Road Raging Ford F-150 Raptor SVT!

This is a very cool / quick way to transform your 1:10 Rally or Slash 4X4 Short Course Truck into a AWD Asphalt pounding Speed machine. Best of all, Pro-Line has everything to bolt right up to your existing chassis including a Pre Painted F150 Ford Raptor SVT Scale Body!

First I removed the OEM plastic body shocks and installed our heavy duty Aluminum 6063-00 Front and 6063-01 Rear Powerstroke SC Shocks.  For the set up, I used the Red Upper Springs from the 6063-03 Front spring assortments on the Front Shocks. For the rear, I only used the yellow lowers, removing the upper primary spring and spacer collar. This will make it easier to control the rear squat of the truck and aid with the rear ride height control.


To finish off the suspension / drive line, I added some of our 6098-00 PRO-2 Clamping Hex’s and 6100-00 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts. You can use both the 6098-00’s and the 6100-00’s on the front and rear of the Rally, Slash 4X4 and Stampede 4×4 trucks.



On my wheel selection, I used the 2740-03 F-11 PRO-2 Offset Black wheels on the stock suspension. This will help to tuck the wheels and tires up under the body more thus allowing for a lower ride height and a more aerodynamic effect.  For Tires, I have selected our new 10104-00 Striker SC Tires. These have the new 4.0″ OAD Low profile with a 1.81″ Wide Tread patter to help me put the power to the ground. These tires also benefit from the Pro-Core technology which eliminates the need for inner foam inserts which reduces tire ballooning at higher speeds.


In choosing a Body, I wanted a slammed / Lowered Scale truck look so I choose our new 3389-15 Pre-Painted / Pre-Cut True Scale Ford F150 Raptor Body. It fits the chassis nicely and gives it that scale appearance.


Attaching the Body, I used the 6087-00 Extended Front & Rear Body mount kit with the Secure-Loc Caps. This kit works on both the Slash 4X4 and the 1:10 Rally versions as they are both based off the same chassis and drive line design.


There you have it, a quick and easy transformation for your 1:10 Traxxas Rally or Slash 4X4. A new look can be achieved in a matter of 1 to 2 hours simply by bolting on these items we at Pro-Line offer. Here is a quick shopping list of everything that was used on this project.



Parts Used in this article to convert the 1:10 Traxxas Rally / Slash 4X4 platforms

2740-03 F-11 2.2”/3.0” Black WheelsPRO-2 Offset (2x Packs Required – Sold in Pairs)

3389-15 Pre-Painted/Pre-Cut True Scale F-150 Raptor SVT Body

6063-00 Power Stroke Shocks (Front)

6063-01 Power Stroke Shocks (Rear)

6063-03 Spring Assortment – Front

6087-00 Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts

6098-00 PRO-2 Rear Clamping Hex (2x required – Use on both Front and Rear)

6100-00 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts

10104-00 Striker SC Tires (2x Packs required – Sold in Pairs)

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineraing.com

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